Thursday, August 03, 2006

Armageddon lovers and their posts


Woweewow wow.

I just noticed that I had 14 comments (and counting?) for my post on the sad and inexcusable Christian preoccupation with Armageddon. And other than my new favorite blogger beepbeepitsme and my old favorite blogger Drek (and probably Ghost Dancer), it's pretty much a circle of loonies and simpletons with death wishes. No offense.

Did none of you even read my post? I urged you to start thinking about how you can prevent catastrophes of the human kind. But people are apparently much more interested in making noise and feeling important.

Let me point out that the total number of comments I've received for my eleven posts on media control, war atrocities, gender politics, baseball, free speech, gay marriage, the value of life, Iraq, and Emperor George I is 3. But that stuff isn't important. It's just the real world.

Let me also point out that Christians of various stripes have been expecting the world to end literally since the death of Christ. The prophecies are purposefully vague so that EVERY age will look like the end days. Every war might be THE war. Every leader could be the antichrist. But they've somehow always been wrong. And they will always be wrong. But there’s always the next time! That’s how it keeps the faithful faithful.

And the people of every age are just as provincial and self-absorbed as the people of this age (though you guys have less of an excuse). Notice how everybody thinks the prophecies refer to the current and the local, no matter when and where they are? Why the heck should the bible predict Katrina and Rita (which were in the U.S and were recent), but not the millions of other storms that have occurred since the writing of the bible in Bangladesh, Yemen, and the Ivory Coast? Why should the world and its god revolve around you? Why not some Korean grandmother?

It's the same reason we wear our lucky sweatshirt and cross our fingers when our football team plays on T.V. We think we our own behavior is actually crucial to distant events unconnected events, and that our wishes (if we love our personal invisible friend in the sky enough) will matter more than everything the athletes and coaches (and the equally religious fans on the other team) want and do. Admit it – you think that, don’t you.

And for Christ's sake, if the bible warnings are God's way of showing his love, why is it so cryptic, so confused, so indecipherable that even his fanatical servants can't agree among themselves what the hell it means. "I love you mom. So, if you can find the secret phrase hidden in this word search, I won't shoot you in the face with the rest of the family."

If it were somebody else's religious book saying this crap, you'd giggle in their faces.

I know you've all taken the oath to ignore logic and be a zombie here. You believe that god put us in a world with rules and laws, but that when we learn them, we can't use them: rather we should believe every literal (English) world of some recent translation of a translation of a collection of copied copies of copies of manuscripts written by mentally suspect religious hucksters and ecstatics from over 1500 years ago. You go ahead and do that. But don't quote your version of that old horror novel at me. And don't you dare tell me you're the one taking the high ground. Especially if you're the narcissistic do-nothing devils bringing about these 'prophecies' yourself anyway.

If god comes and he does not agree with me on this, then he's a fraud, and he can lick my balls while Jesus blows me.


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